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We service Bondi (Postcode 2026) in New South Wales, as well as; Bellevue Hill, Tamarama, Bronte, Waverley, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, Queens Park, North Bondi, Clovelly, Woollahra

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Emergency Locksmith Services Bondi

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your home or business property has been broken into? Have you ever before been locked out of your apartment or business property? Or have you experienced a delicate change in a relationship?

If you’ve found yourself in a distressing and stressful situation and require an instant resolution, don’t hesitate to contact us. We supply 24-hour locksmith services and constantly have an on-call specialist prepared to reach your location immediately.

Our team will take the worry away from you, taking total control to resolve the situation. We are here at your disposal, 24-hrs a day, for any emergency locksmith services, providing:

After-hours Call Outs
• Restricted Key System Malfunctions
• Break & Enter Make Safe and Maintenances
• Emergency Re-key Services
• Lockouts
• Lock Replacement
• Lock Repair service

After-hours Call Outs Bondi

Do not wait for a second to contact us after being the target of a burglary. When the safety of your loved ones is in danger, we fully understand that you would wish to do anything that is in your capability to make sure your property is secure once again.

Watch this quick video to learn more about what we do:

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As such, we invite you to phone us soon after you have called the police. We provide expert locksmith emergency services and understand the process very well. Directly after we have confirmation from the authorities, we’ll start dealing with making the property secure, and complete any repair work necessary, which will give you comfort.

Restricted Key System Malfunctions In Bondi

Restricted key systems are becoming more popular among business owners who like to ensure the highest degree of safety and security for their company. Find out more on locksmiths near me car. But what happens when this highly secure system becomes defective? You get in touch with our company who hold the permission and years of experience to handle restricted key systems. Our firm offers 24-hour locksmith services for all types of defects. We understand that at times, you have to get the system working right away and make your company or your residential property safe again.

Break & Enter Make Safe and Repairs Bondi

Do not hesitate to contact us right away if you have been the victim of a break and enter. When your protection and the safety of your family members is jeopardized, it is completely acceptable that you would wish to do just about anything in your power to help make your property secure once again.

Therefore, we would advise you to get in touch with us right after you contact the authorities. We provide professional locksmith emergency services and we understand the process extremely well. Straight after we have confirmation from the authorities, we will start working on the repairs that will bring you peace of mind.

Emergency re-key Services Bondi

Maybe someone has broken into your home or apartment; perhaps you’ve experienced a bad break-up, or perhaps you cannot find the one key you had. Our emergency locksmiths are more than happy to re-key your door, whatever the reason for your call might be. We will only ever use the finest quality locks and equipment to install them. You will experience the same degree of safety and protection that you expect and we are able to do it in no time. Our emergency locksmith services are readily available to all Bondi areas 24-hours, day or night.

Lockouts Bondi

Have you broken your keys? Have you misplaced them? No matter what the details of the incident are, the issue is obvious, you’re locked out of your office or home! This is when our 24/7 locksmith services are handy: without worrying what time it is, you can pick up the phone and get in touch with our team.

We constantly have a qualified locksmith on call to get to you and help you to access to your residential property, apartment, or office space. We are prompt and reliable, so don’t worry about it, we’ll be with you in a flash!

Lock Replacement Bondi

Can’t stop thinking about that old lock on your door that doesn’t offer you the sense of security you need it to? Do not worry about it any further. Our 24-hour locksmith services are there to supply you with a professional locksmith at any time of the day or night. So why not call us right away and we’ll get someone over with an all-new, high-specification lock that will give the highest level of security. We use locks from reputable manufacturers so that you get a result that will satisfy you efficiently for a long time to come.

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Lock Repair Bondi

Do you have a broken lock? Maybe there is a key stuck in it and the only way you to fix it is by breaking the lock? Why not leave the issue to us. Our experts are your Bondi area emergency locksmiths who have years of practical experience fixing a wide array of locks. No matter the type of lock or the problem you’re experiencing, our experts can overcome any challenges. Even though it may well be outside usual working hours, we are constantly at your service. Our 24-hour emergency locksmith services are in place to provide instant solutions.

Have you ever found yourself in any of the situations we noted above? Our emergency locksmith services are here to take your worry away and give you a sense of security. Ever since the very first day we started trading to regional customers, we vowed to be at everyone’s disposal at all times to help make this area safe.

Our 24-hour locksmith services are genuinely what their name suggests: at your service every minute of the day, throughout the year. Our company specialise in a variety of locksmith services and we can help you overcome any lock and key issue, any time you may need it.

Bondi Mobile Locksmiths

24 Hr Mobile Locksmiths Servicing all of the Bondi Area

Keystone Locksmiths provide our clients with a fleet of locksmith company vans that are effectively mobile workshops. Readily available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can get to most Bondi places within the hour.

Need a locksmith to visit your home or business location? Get in touch with our team today.

After verifying your inquiry, our qualified mobile locksmith will arrive at your location with specialised tools to complete most, and more often than not, all work on-site.

Can’t get into your residential property or business office?

Our team will take care of you! Supplying a 24 hour, 7 days a week, mobile locksmith service, we specialise in after-hours lockouts. This means no matter whether it is night or day, we are waiting for your phone call.

Our fleet of mobile service vans enable our team to reach you in a jiffy, ideal for those unplanned emergencies. Our team will gain access to your property and can also cut brand new keys there and then.

Our Specialists are Fully Licensed and Properly Insured

Our expert locksmiths are skilled and up to date with the most up to date security systems and locks.

Our professionals have all the tools and resources needed to undertake your lock repair services. When it comes to locksmithing, the locksmith professionals at Keystone Bondi understand how to get you out of any problem that includes a lock. From a key that you have to wiggle, to a surveillance camera that seems to be ineffective. Even when you find that you’ve forgotten the combination to your safe, our experts have all the tools and the expertise we need to gain access.

Fully Equipped Mobile Locksmith Bondi

Our company hold a large selection of locks such as padlocks, digital locks, postbox stoppers, bicycle U-Lock and D-Locks, key safes, UPVC locks and window bolts.

Additionally, our locksmiths supply high security and high standard locks such as Banham, Chubb, Mul-T-Lock, Ingersoll, Yale and many more.

Our lock prices are affordable and competitively priced. Our locksmith professionals are skilled in fitting and improving your existing locks. Our mobile locksmith professionals will advise the best lock to match your finances.

Have you misplaced your keys? We advise that you always cut and replicate extra keys for family and/or friends.

Qualified and Dependable Mobile Locksmith Services.

Our locksmiths can fix all kinds of locks, from mortice (Chubb) and cylinder rim (Yale) locks to multipoints and outdoor patio locks, plus many more.

Our company can fix locks at commercial properties, such as shops and other businesses. Have a faulty lock on a filing cabinet, a safe or cash tin? Our locksmith professionals can assist. Locked out? Our locksmith specialists can gain access.

Top Supplier and Installer of Digital and Smart Locks in the Bondi Area

Lock work is challenging and should only be completed by a qualified professional with relevant skills and tools to complete the work without any risks.

No matter what lock solutions you require, you can depend on our skilled locksmiths to perform the services with the utmost care and expertise. In particular when working with plastic or wooden doors and frames, where there is a risk of {causing} cosmetic damage when modifying locks to gain access.

Anti-Snap Locks

Our locksmiths can install safe and secure anti-snap locks today.

This type of lock will help guard against “lock-snapping”, a common practice applied by criminals and intruders to gain access into a property that has uPVC plastic doors .

Do not put your house and property in danger – reach out to our qualified locksmiths and fit an anti-snap lock today!

Commercial and Residential Solutions Bondi

Our commercial locksmiths provide reasonable prices as we value our returning customers such as retail chains, shops, offices, real estate federations, local authorities, banks, taverns, eating venues and property owners.

Our specialists deliver service repairs such as lock replacements and lock changes to companies that require wooden, metal, glass and UPVC doors.

Our specialists also provide digital lock installations to numerous offices and other companies.

A number of our customers contact our experts for safe-picking services. Our locksmiths are capable of picking the safe without destroying the door.

Mobile Locksmiths for Cars Bondi

Our locksmiths produce keys for foreign and domestic cars. We sell and program keys, fobs, and remotes for almost all vehicle brands.

Our locksmiths are up to date with the most advanced software and resources to make it possible for us to cut hi-Security keys including sidewinder (laser-cut) keys.

Our locksmiths program fobs for push-button start cars. Our locksmith professionals repair and re-key automobiles during the event of keys being compromised. Usually, our experts are able to rekey all the locks. With the help of 24 hr locksmiths and emergency locksmiths on-call, day in and day out, we will get you moving once again as fast as possible.

If you have been locked out of your vehicle, you will definitely require a mobile locksmith professional who has years of experience with all makes and models of cars and has the necessary equipment for fixing the exact type of key you need.

Get in touch with one of our licensed locksmiths near you who will endeavor to get to you immediately and identify the best approach to pick your car locks to avoid destroying the lock mechanisms.

Our locksmiths are convenient and mobile. Our professionals have experience with various types of cars. Our locksmith service providers can fix or replace automotive keys such as ignition keys, remotes and transponder keys, it’s not a problem for us.

If you require a bike locksmith, rest assured that a professional will get to you swiftly and assist you by cutting, picking or drilling any bicycle lock, chain, U-Lock or D-Lock. Our professionals also have a variety of replacement bicycle locks.

Our Locksmiths Fit New Locks In Bondi

Our professional locksmiths can conveniently fit your new or replacement lock without delay.

Our locksmiths have the ability to install speciality locks, such as multipoints, shed padlocks, garage doors, wardrobe and cabinet locks. Our professional locksmiths are highly skilled in fitting burglar-resistant locks with the most suitable lock mechanism for the security and safety of your property.

High-security locks and cylinders are the most risk-free, durable locks that exist today. The keys can’t be replicated at hardware stores, and even a locksmith will require special equipment to find out how to gain access.

Our locksmiths specialise in a variety of repair solutions that are here to be beneficial for your normal everyday life. Our locksmiths provide quick and efficient work, and add security to some of your most valuable investments. Our 24 hour Mobile Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith, and Emergency Locksmith are geared up and prepared for all of your lock and key requirements.

Car Key Replacements Bondi

At our organization, we provide, cut and also program vehicle keys. Our experts can also provide a totally new set of keys in case you have misplaced all of your keys. Our experts are able to provide non-remote keys that will open your doors manually and start your vehicle as normal. Our company can also offer genuine and original remote keys or if you would prefer, an aftermarket remote key at an affordable price; readily available for 90% of autos within Australia.

Contact our company to obtain a quote if you have locked your keys in your vehicle. We have certified locksmiths with specialist machinery to get into all types of cars without damaging them. A lot of European autos have a deadlock, demanding specialized methods to open them; whereas the majority of Asian cars generally have an easier locking mechanism.

All work can be performed in our shop, or we have a mobile workshop that can serve you wherever you are.

Lost Vehicle Keys Bondi

There is nothing more aggravating than losing your vehicle keys. It happens to the best of us. So, if you have misplaced your car keys and fail to keep any spares, get in touch with our friendly team. A swift call to us and our specialists will meet you at your vehicle. From there, we will gain access to your vehicle and proceed to provide, cut and configure a new key for you there and then.

It is our job to get you back into your car and on the road, quickly and effectively. For several makes and models, our company can give you the alternative of deleting any lost/stolen keys from the vehicle. Doing this will make sure your vehicle stays safe and secure.

Our qualified team have the expertise and knowledge to replace misplaced keys for most vehicle brands on the road today. However, to guarantee our company can provide you with the most accurate quote; we ask that you provide the make, model and the year your vehicle was manufactured available for us.

To discover even more about our services, get in touch with our professional team right away! Our company are always here whenever you need us the most.

Spare Vehicle Keys Bondi

Our company can provide you with an affordable and practical solution for purchasing a spare key for your car. With our considerable skill and experience, our experts can confidently replicate any existing key and configure the transponder. No matter what the make and model of your vehicle, you can rest assured that our team have you taken care of!

Our team have a variety of options available to suit budget plans of all specifications. Also, we can produce spare keys which have central locking buttons. It makes good sense to get a spare key just in case.

To get an estimate for a spare vehicle key right away, we require just a number of simple particulars, consisting of; the make, model, and vehicle identification number. If you don’t have a spare key to your vehicle, right now is as good an opportunity as any to buy one.

To find out how reasonably priced and reliable our spare key duplication solutions are, get in touch with our team right away.

Smart Keys Bondi

These days, just about every little thing includes some kind of smart innovation, including the keys to your vehicle. Almost all existing cars on the road today come with either a smart key, proximity key, or remote flip key. With a smart key or proximity key, users can simply unlock the vehicle with the remote and then start the car at the press of a button, instead of the traditional method of putting a key in the ignition.

Undoubtedly, smart keys are incredibly practical, even though they are simply as easy to lose or misplace as standard keys. Our company can provide you with aftermarket remote keys and smart key solutions, without having the large cost that most dealerships ask for.

Our experts have a large series of proximity key and smart keys, along with emergency key overrides, for each of the popular makes and models, incorporating; BMW, Volkswagen, kia, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Hyundai and many more. Our company can also purchase genuine smart keys and then configure them on the spot to fit your vehicle identification number (VIN).

Do you want a new smart key for your vehicle? Then contact our business today. Our team can quickly provide you with an inexpensive solution.

Keyless Entry Bondi

Keyless entry has become a pretty industry-standard function on mostly all modern-day cars. Unfortunately, although this technology has become normal, acquiring a new remote from a car dealership can be an extremely costly task.

Thankfully, there is a wonderful alternative to vehicle dealerships right here. Our specialists have researched high and low to deliver you the very best prices available in Australia, and we can provide you with an affordable solution when searching for a new remote key.

You can get an estimate right away, and we are sure you are going to be satisfied with the fee. All our experts require is your vehicle identification number (VIN) and we can provide you with a precise estimate right away.

When you are in search of a new keyless access device, don’t go straight to your dealer, contact our specialists instead. Our friendly team is certainly happy to support with your query and we are confident in offering a solution that fits in with your budget.

Transponders Bondi

What is a transponder?

A transponder is the electrical component of the key. Its core use is to disable the immobilizer when starting the engine at the same time.

Thanks to the effective and beneficial nature of this system, it has become an industry standard to integrate this technological innovation into almost all automobiles made since 1997.

Exactly how does this function?

The moment the key is used in the ignition, it delivers a tiny electric charge to the transponder chip, that then interacts with the engine control unit and immobilizer that lies within the car itself. During this interaction phase, they send out and receive codes to and from each other, if the codes align then the engine will start.

Trying to make use of a transponder key that hasn’t been configured is in no way encouraged. Any attempts can potentially immobilize your car by shutting down the engine control unit.

Are you trying to find an expert in key cutting and transponder coding? Why not give our team a call now. Our company can help provide you with a car key replacement solution that works for you.

Lock Changing Services Bondi

Are you looking to change your locks? Let us help you discover the finest lock and the very best safety and security option to suit your needs and finances.

Our locksmiths will improve your safety and security. Our company can support you with every single lock and key requirement. Whether that means setting up new locks, duplicating keys or installing safes, we can take care of you no problem. Our company also supply 24-hr emergency services within the Bondi region, meaning fast and reliable locksmith services when you contact us at any time day or night.

Our company provide the best service when it comes to securing your property. Our professional and police inspected tradespersons are highly-skilled and work with the utmost integrity. There is no job too big or small. Find out more on locksmiths near me for cars. Our experts will go above and beyond to safeguard the safety and security of our customers.

Maybe you have just moved into your new home or apartment, don’t know how many other people have a copy of the exact same key. Or maybe you have misplaced your keys or had them stolen.

Our company can assist by changing your locks to take away access to everyone except those who hold the new keys, taking away the doubt of who has access to your home which may eventually affect your safety and wellbeing.

Alternatives to Changing Locks

These are a number of options to take into consideration if you are thinking about changing your locks altogether:

Re-keying Your Lock 

You may opt for lock re-keying even when it’s not possible to locate the original key. Our exceptionally trained locksmiths can simply change the inner workings of your current lock, which means you can still make use of it without having the old key.

Being the best affordable choice, re-keying only changes the key pins within the lock cylinder. Key pin changes are a lot more economical than buying a complete new lockset.

The procedure of re-keying is a quick technique when performed by a highly trained professional. It doesn’t require expensive tools or an excessive fee. The best thing is that re-keying is an option for most locks.

Lock Re-keying Bondi

Lock re-keys in Bondi begin at a very low price. Why not take advantage of our incredible prices right now!

Bondi Lock Re-keying Specialists

Have your keys been stolen, or misplaced?

• Did you just move into a new home and need to remove access from the old occupants?

• Or perhaps you want to produce a master key system for all of the locks on your property?

No matter what the reason may be, lock re-keying is certainly a much faster and cheaper option to changing your locks altogether. The only reason it’s much better to choose to replace as opposed to re-key would be because of an old or defective lock that will not be as secure as a newer model.

Are you uncertain if you can re-key your old lock? Send us the particulars and a photo to [number] explaining what you want to achieve along with your Bondi specific location.

What is Lock Re-keying?

Lock re-keying is essentially adjusting the inside of a lock to make it work with a new key. Doing this will make any older keys worthless. This allows you to control access to the lock so only owners of the new key can unlock it. As previously stated, this is fantastic for moving into new properties and not knowing exactly how many former tenants still have a key.

During the re-keying procedure, we take the barrel out of the lock and reconfigure the interior mechanisms. Our experts will then produce a new key to match the new mechanism arrangement and re-install the barrel. When viewed externally, the re-keyed lock looks exactly the same, but the previous keys will not work it any longer. To use the re-keyed lock you will need the new key we provide and of course, our team can prepare as many copies as you want.

Developing a Master Key System

In the event that you have a number of locks on your property and you want them all to be operated from a single “master” key we can do this by using rekeying.
Basically, our experts rekey all the locks to operate from the same new key that we develop. This can decrease the number of keys you need to carry from a large amount to just one!

Want to know more? Get in touch with our team right now.

Replacing Your Lock Bondi

If your lock is not able to be rekeyed or is severely destroyed, you have the option to buy a brand new lockset of the exact same variety. The advantage with this is that the new lock will fit in the existing space in the door and won’t call for changing the door catch.

Keystone Locksmith offer a wide array of high quality door and window locks and hardware from top brands in the security sector. We can set up new locks and specify its functions to accommodate your needs.
With a new lock, you gain improved security and reliability. Expect however that lock replacements will cost a lot more than rekeying.

Upgrading Your Lock

If you want a significant security upgrade for your property or company, changing your lock to a more up to date and secure design from the same or even possibly a different manufacturer is a great choice. You could even opt for a premium unit such as a smart digital locking system.

With today’s progression in door locking technology, you can increase the amount of protection in your home with ease and at a reasonable price. For instance, there are biometric locks, locks that you are able to control remotely using your Mobile phone, digital door locks, wireless locks, and electromagnetic locking systems.

When should you upgrade your locks? Our experts suggest lock upgrades for old, out-of-date, deteriorated locks as these can be very simple to pick and destroy. If your place or neighbourhood had a break-in robbery, upgrading to a much better lock and security mechanism might be appropriate.

Increase Your Security with Our Company In Bondi

Our company can really help you make the ideal choice to provide your house with much better security. We’ll let you know if you’re due for a lock enhancement and we’ll guide you on selecting the very best lock system so you can make an informed decision.

Contact us now and let us help you guarantee the safety and security of your belongings and your loved ones.

Alarm System Installation & Repair Bondi

To help avoid your house getting robbed, installing a home alarm system is usually considered as being the very best option. You should definitely pick a home alarm system that enables you to stay notified of the security of your house or property during the day and night. Moreover, it should allow you to watch any part of your house or office from anywhere in the world, directly from your smart device.

Unlike a small security camera or single IP security camera, you should choose an alarm system with state-of-the-art features which aim to offer you all-round protection for your home or property. There are numerous things to consider before installing an alarm system, let’s have a look at some of them:

The size really does matter when installing it

Alarm systems can come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and each of them can be tailored to meet your needs. If you own a small house or apartment, a small alarm system would be good. But if you own a bigger home, you may need to choose an alarm system that can effortlessly handle large amounts of data along with having effective monitoring. This is because a large home would demand a system that covers each and every part of the property within its range.

The installation process

The installation process of your alarm system depends on the type you are going to buy. An alarm system that uses a typical wired mechanism should be installed by an expert. Moreover, it generally needs some drilling to connect the security sensors to the central alarm system. Alternatively, if you go for installation of a wireless system, you will find that it is much easier to install. This is because there is no demand for drilling. Also, in most cases, they are battery powered, so they are easy to function.

The company you buy from also plays an important role in the installation process. Some specific tools may be needed to connect your alarm system to the security company or emergency workforce. It is crucial to understand what is needed for the installation process as this will let you stay prepared for the process and avoid the mess.

Ask about power outages

The majority of alarm systems will continue to work even during scenarios when the house has a power cut. It is known that a traditional electric home alarm system operates on a low voltage; therefore, it doesn’t use up too much power to operate the system. Have a look at some of the Bondi based emergency locksmiths on the Yellow pages site. Also, most of these systems include a battery backup mechanism to avoid loss of function during power outages. Therefore, you should go for the installation of this type of alarm system in order to spare yourself from paying high electric bills due to extra power consumption.

Which alarm system to go for?

It is vital to make sure you choose to install a home alarm system that will meet all your needs in the best possible way. To ensure you have complete protection of your property, before installing, speak to a respected security professional who can guide you appropriately regarding the alarm system installation. Always check on Google for reviews to see customer satisfaction before selecting, or even ask for references of satisfied customers.

Alarm System Installation & Repair In Bondi

Never forget to find a company that treats your alarm system installation & repair seriously, and who are reputable; all you should ever require in an alarm system expert. Your alarm system is essential to ensuring your property, commercial space, and family are protected, so you have to make certain that the company you choose will provide frequent servicing for your alarm system by their expert engineers. This regular servicing will make sure that any faults and alarm system failings are few and far between and won’t cause you a hassle later on.

Always remember to do your research to find a customer service focused company, who will give your house or commercial property as much care and attention as if it were their own. You should make certain they will arrange to have your alarm systems regularly maintained, or organize to repair your alarm system if needed.

Also make sure they can arrange for their trained technicians to be available for upgrades and repairs. Additionally, never forget to make sure to ask that they can carry out the following services in your home or property;

• CCTV installation
• Intercom systems
• Back to base monitoring
• Access Control Management Systems
• Alarm System Repair
• Alarm System maintenance

Often, for insurance policies, it is a requirement that your alarm system be checked up on annually for homes, and usually every 6 months for commercial premises. Therefore, alarm system maintenance has dual purposes; it lets you rest assured in the knowledge that your alarm system will deter any potential burglary or theft, as it will continue to work well, and you can also breathe easily knowing that, in the unfortunate event anything is stolen, you will be able to make an insurance claim.

Go for a company that has the experience installing alarm systems in Bondi, and repairing alarm systems in Bondi. Ensure that they can work with all kinds of makes and models of alarm systems, and have been doing so for many years.

It is vital that the engineers you choose are professional, qualified, and focused on customer service, and also that they continually update their specialist on new systems and technology to make sure they keep ahead of the rest when it comes to what is new on the market. They should always be able to fit your alarm system to your requirements, knowing that each and every house they work for is different.

In case you need an alarm system repaired, never forget to find out that the company will be willing to travel anywhere in Bondi to aid their customers with their security and alarm systems. Pick a company who take pride in their appearance and customer service, and give you an affordable and competitively priced estimate for alarm system installation in Bondi. Select a company who know the Bondi area.

If you need your alarm system looked after with the highest level of care and professionalism, then we strongly recommend you remember all that we have written here.